Sunday, March 9, 2008

Scrap Fundraiser for the Carmelites

Yesterday I joined the Fundraiser for the Carmelite Nuns. Aside from the yummy food (yahoo for the marshmallow dip!!), fun shopping, and of course good company, there was also an auction of really great items donated by our generous scrappers. Of course I got my share in the auction.

While looking at the stuff to be auctioned (I particularly had my eye on a set of AL flourishes clear stamps), I was thinking, "Which is more 'sayang' - buying something at a very very good price without really knowing if you already have it OR not buying it then finding out later that you don't?". Yikes, decisions, decisions..... I couldn't think... Then Lee started the bid at Ps400 and without batting an eyelash I called it. Lucky me, nobody else went for it. Going, going, gone. I just got my myself a new set of clear stamps! And all in the name of charity. It's cool. I'm hoping I don't have it yet though.

Thanks to Lindy, Candy and to everybody else who put this worthwhile event together. It was truly a fun filled day of shopping, scrapping, and best of all, sharing.

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