Thursday, January 31, 2008

Here's another wedding LO that I finished during the holidays. Please excuse the over stamping. I had just purchased my first ever set of swirly stamps at the time so the excitement was a bit over the top. Good thing I was able to control it. :-)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

More To Share

Here are more of the LO's I finished in the last 2 months: 1 pregnancy; 1 baptism; and 1 baby layout that I scraplifted from a site that I can't remember!

Thanks for visiting! :-)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

New LOs to Share

At last, I was able to take pictures of my LOs this morning. I finished about 7 (3 - 12x12's and 4 - 8x8's) in one and a half months. Here are some of them. Will post the others in the next few days.

This one I made using Studio Azul's November kit. I hope I did justice to it. Can't wait to start with the December & January kits!

This page is an 8x8 and is the first of Jao's Baptism album that I started late December and hope to finish before December haha.

Thanks for looking! :)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Our First Holiday with Jao

A very belated Happy New Year to everyone!

Finally, after such a very busy holiday season I was able to upload my holiday photos in my computer. Now all I need to do is have them printed so I can scrap. But first, let me share a few of them with you.

This is our first family Christmas photo taken on Christmas Eve in my MIL's house. It's funny because we had to do this photo op in a rush before Jao starts crying. We were able to take a couple of shots. And as if on cue, Jao did his thing right after.

New Year's Eve - Butch decided to take us out for lunch. We went to Serendra for Jao's first real day out. I was afraid that he would not like the "outisde world" because if he isn't in our house, he's in someone else's like lola's or tita's place. He's not used to being outdoors. I was pleased that he enjoyed his first official "pasyal". I am so proud of him! Of course when we got to the restaurant, he was back to his old crying self.
Jao was sound asleep when midnight stroke on New Year's Eve. No noise or firecracker could wake him up. He just didn't care. So Dad & Mom decided to go to him for our first family photo for 2008. It's just too bad because it could have been a good time for him to contribute his share in the new year bang.

You know I just realized that all I wrote in this post was all about Jao's crying! I'm so bad! I'm sure he'll outgrow this stage eventually. And whether crying or not, I love him to pieces!