Monday, November 17, 2008

3 Years

Today is our third wedding anniversary and we had an early celebration last Saturday. We went on a day trip to Tagaytay and had brunch at Antonio's Breakfast (which is now located at the same place where the Antonio's main dining area is, only a floor below).

Here's the big guy as if trying to decide what to order...

...and here are a few more photos.

It was a good day except for the traffic going back home. But the good news is, I made to Lasting Impression's anniversary sale and purchased Butch's anniversary gift for me! So it's all good.

And I just realized, today is also my blog's 1st anniversary. It was also on this date that I posted my first blog entry.

Cheers! :)


bjay said...

yahooo! happy anniv! so it is confeeeeeeermed: gift ni butch ang clip it up ;P

bjay said...

ay, chaka happy blogoversary din :)

dinah said...

thanks sis! confeeeermed na and cleeeep it up as far as i'm concerned. hindi pa nya alam so surprise ko for him! nyahahaha!!