Thursday, August 28, 2008

New 'Do!

I brought Jao to the Kids Salon this afternoon for his very first haircut. He was okay when we got there. We sat him in this little car chair and he was having fun "driving". When the salon staff placed the cape around him and began cutting, ayan na, all hell broke lose! He was wild the whole time! He's a pretty strong little boy, I tell you. And even after his haircut (which looks soooo cute btw), we couldn't get him to be still. It was only when we left the salon and went to 'Toys R Us' that he calmed down.

This is how he looked before:

And this is him now:

Which do you like better? :)


Anonymous said...

I like the after version... he looks like a lawyer in high chair. hahaha! CUTE JAO :)

dinah said...

thanks beej. mukha bang respetado ng barangay? hahaha!

scrapgurl said...

I like the "now". He's so cute!!!

jonaks said...

after two years, Zid didn't cry when having haircut when he saw his lola and idol uncle having a haircut. I used to cut his hair before because he wouldn't want anyone touch his hair.

next time, sabay sila ng hubby mo.