Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Blog Awards

I received these awards from Liza.

Mention five (5) addictions and pass on the award to five (5) other fab blogs!

1. scrapbooking
2. chips, chips, chips!!!
3. diet soda (to match the chips!)
4. my computer & the internet
5. bags (to keep safely in the closet haha!)

I am now passing these awards to:

1. bjay
2. chiqui
3. tna
4. issa
5. cookie

Thanks Liza!


Chiqui said...

thanks dinah! will post the awards on my blog in the next few days.

bjay said...

wahahaha! I have the same award for you too! guess we've come full circle, eh? :)

see you this saturday!

tnapay said...

hi dinah. :) di ko maipagkasya sa listahan ko yung mga food addictions ko hihihi. thanks for passing the award to me. :)